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Testimonials about Kline Landscape & Irrigation in Eastern Oregon

Here at Kline Landscape & Irrigation, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are completely satisfied. We have excelled in designing and building that final phase to a beautiful home. We understand that your home is one of your biggest investments, and will help to maintain that value or increase value in your property.
I am writing regarding the landscape and Irrigation work that you preformed at my personal residence. I have a reputation of being very particular but I must give your company an A+. The colored diagram that you presented as part of your proposal let me see exactly what was included before the job was started.
I was also very impressed with the professional manner in which your workers conducted themselves. Very importantly, work was started and completed in a timely manner.

The follow up has also been great. I appreciate that you have been checking in to make sure that all areas are receiving enough water and that the plants and trees are healthy.

I find that when I want to do business with high quality people, I need to start with the owner of the company and they will have those kinds of people working for them. Thank you for being that kind of person.
Hi folks,
Enclosed please find a check for the balance of our bill. We also wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank you for all your hard work and to let you know that everyone who has looked at your work has just raved about how wonderful the place looks.

We really enjoyed our home before, now we just love sitting either in the front with a little caffeine in the morning or enjoying a barbeque with friends in the backyard with the sound of the waterfall.

Seems the only one who has any concerns is Buth he misses his bark diet. I think the trade off was well worth it.
Lana & Doug,
HUGE thanks for all the most excellent snow removal you did around the EO this winter. I can't image what we would have done without you!
Thanks again for another year of excellent service for our mother. It's so nice to visit her and see her yard so beautiful and know its effort free for her and us! The men and Lana are so sweet to her and so dependable. We really appreciate your hard work. Thank you!